Irish Spring Kata e-Tournament


Thank You To Everyone For Taking Part

Female B&B over 16 1st: Becky Cox-Symonds HDKI GB
2nd: Aoife Sammon HDKI Ireland
3rd: Natalie Bottcher HDKI GB
Male B&B over 16 1st: Ross Stewart HDKI Ireland
2nd: Ru Mew HDKI Ireland
3rd: Hugh Connolly Kaizen
Children B&B u13 1st: Calvin McCann Kaizen
2nd: Asha Reen Kaizen
3rd: Mia McCann Kaizen
Children Kyu grades u13 1st: Josh Burke Kaizen
2nd: Joachim Lucas Harband la Madrid Kaizen
3rd: Luca Andrews Hadashi HDKI GB
Female 14-15 B&B 1st: Milan Moore Kaizen
2nd: Isabella Stritch HDKI Ireland
3rd: Amelia Napper HDKI Ireland
Female u21 1st: Aoife Sammon HDKI Ireland
Male 14-17 B&B 1st: Conor Holohan Kaizen
2nd: Gagik Avetisyan HDKI Ireland
Male u21 1st: Hugh Connolly Kaizen
2nd: Karl Napper HDKI Ireland
3rd: Conor Holohan Kaizen
Masters 1st: Ray Stritch HDKI Ireland
2nd: Becky Cox-Symonds HDKI GB
3rd: Natalie Bottcher HDKI GB


All competitors should be advised that categories may be merged, depending on numbers.  Unnecessary rounds may be skipped.


  1. 5 judges per category
  2. Points system, top and bottom marks excluded
  3. All Judges are vetted and qualified


  1. Data will be stored in a secure database and accessible only to HDKI organisers all of whom are garda vetted.
  2. Access to videos will only be available to organisers and judges.
  3. Videos will not be shared, but winners may be asked to provide consent to share their winning kata and/ or a photo.


  1. There will be no appeals process – judges decision is final

Shotokan Kata...

Kyu Grades
Heian Shodan
Heian Nidan
Heian Yondan
Heian Godan
Tekki Shodan

Dan Grades
Tekki Nidan
Tekki Sandan
Bassai Dai
Bassai Sho
Kanku Dai
Kanku Sho
Gojushiho Dai
Gojushiho Sho

(Black and Brown belts should choose from Dan Grade kata. Kyu Grades can pick any of the above.)

Entries Now Closed

Notes on Your Video

  1. Videos should show the whole body at all times - head, hands and feet should all be seen.
  2. Videos should begin with clear statement of Competitor ID Code and Kata Name
  3. Videos can be up to 12MB in size in mpeg/mp4/avi/mov formats only
  4. Videos should be Named using the Competitor ID Code and kata name